At Sun Studio - On Vinyl: Rafael Espinoza & The Rockabilly Railroad - "At Sun Studio" On Vinyl
  • At Sun Studio - On Vinyl: Rafael Espinoza & The Rockabilly Railroad - "At Sun Studio" On Vinyl
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What better way to listen to Rafael's Rockabilly Railroad's New Album that was recorded at The Legendary Sun Studio in Memphis, TN than on VINYL!?!?!? This is the way this music was meant to be heard! Get your vinyl copy of The Rockabilly Railroad's Brand New Album TODAY!

Order your physical vinyl album copy now and get a downloadable mp3 copy of the album mailed to you on a "Download Card!" This "Download Card" will be inside the shrinkwrapped sleeve of your physical vinyl album. So when you get your physical vinyl album, rip open the shrinkwrapping and get the record out and the "Download Card" will be inside the album cover. On the card you will be asked to visit a website link that is run by our company to get your free downloadable version of the album.

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[Released 2018]

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