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Rafael Espinoza and The Rockabilly Railroad

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On This Rockabilly Railroad we travel fast not travel slow

On This Rockabilly Railroad, you better hurry before that steamin' locomotive engine starts to blow

When that train pulls in and it lets me out I'm gonna grab my guitar, gonna jump and shout because that train is finally rollin' on into Memphis tonight!

My name is Rafael Espinoza and this is my 4th album but my first album project with the new band name attached to mine - "Rafael Espinoza & The Rockabilly Railroad!"

The term "Rockabilly Railroad" came to pass from all the Rockabilly gigs and direction the band was heading into since the last album I put out. You'll come to find that I have very eclectic tastes but everything I am musically stems from Memphis, Tennessee which is the home of the blues & rockabilly music! Some people think these genres are very different but to me they're not. It's music with a feeling that expresses living in the South, Riding Trains and Playing Big Guitars! It makes me feel like a kid and I'm riding to my Grandpa's Oklahoma Junkyard in a '58 Chevrolet! It's happy music!

I also wanted to come up with a band name that had some personality that gave credit to my bandmates and not just myself.

My beautiful and talented wife, Emmylou Espinoza is playing Upright & Electric Bass & Singing on this album and she helped a lot in the writing process. Thank you for your true love.

Curtis Lane whom I famously dubbed "The Lonestar Shuffle King" is laying down the train tracks on this Rockabilly Railroad and we are extremely grateful to have him on this project.

"The Rockabilly Railroad" name also comes from my admiration for Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis & Carl Perkins and all of the great train songs that came out of The Legendary Sun Studio located at 706 Union Ave. in Memphis, TN!

When I came up with the band name I knew there was only one place that would make the perfect recording experience and that was to go to Memphis and soak in the culture of Sun Studio.

We finally did it! It's always been a dream of mine to walk through that Iconic Memphis Recording Service Building and stand in the same spots that my musical forefathers recorded all their early hits! It was truly magical!

Thank you Sun Studio for keeping this music alive and allowing us to record in this International Historic Landmark!

Now come along with me and ride this train! Catch that 3:10 To Memphis and sit back and enjoy this Rockabilly Adventure! Let us take you there!

[Released 2018]

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