THE BIGFOOT BOOGIE - 10/04/14 - 6:30pm


Rafael Espinoza has been invited to sit in with Otis & The Metros at The Bigfoot Boogie Festival happening this Saturday Evening at The Mineola Nature Preserve in Mineola, Texas which of course was named after Rafael's Original Song "The Bigfoot Boogie"! 
Rafael was a student of Dr. Otis Webster during his studies at Tyler Junior College and is thrilled to sit in with his band! Otis' band also includes heavy hitter George Faber who Rafael has recorded and performed with several times with The Tyler Junior College Jazz Band! It will be a great musical reunion night for sure and you won't want to miss it! Get your tickets now by contacting Mineola City Hall! 
Also Check out "The Bigfoot Boogie" Official Music Video by Rafael Espinoza at the link below...

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