Superb Set with Switzerland's #1 Country Music Artist, Britta T!

Had a blast playing with Britta T., who is the #1 Country Artist from Switzerland, at The Texas Sounds International Country Music Awards Festival in Jefferson, Texas this past Thursday!!!
It was really cool to play with them on their first show here in the states! The energy was flying high and we went out guns a blazin'! My college friend and keyboardist, Greg Simmons, and myself had so much fun performing with Britta and her band! They are really a great group of musicians! And what a great voice Britta has!
Check out her music at
I am honored to be the house band leader for this festival and to play with so many diverse cultures from around the globe!
Come check out the last day of the festival tomorrow evening as we play for Canada's #1 Country Artist, Karen Lee Batten
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Photo Credit: Sheila Nicholas

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