Rafael Espinoza Dubbed "GUITAR KING / John Early Music Award" at Texas Sounds International Country Music Awards Festival!!!

I had no idea I was up for this award but I am very honored to receive "The John Early Guitar King" Award at The Texas Sounds Country Music Awards Festival in Jefferson, TX!!! John Early is one of Cass County's treasures. A gifted songwriter & musician and native of Jefferson, Texas, John heads the popular Texas bluegrass band Hickory Hill . He is also a member of the Moon and the Starz - a pop/county/comedic band which includes Richard Bowden, Greg Attaway, Pat Roberson, and Joe Hamilton. John is on the Board of Directors for Music City Texas, Inc., which operates the Music City Texas Theater and is developing the MCT Texas Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. 
Thank you so much to Preston Taylor and The East Texas Performing Arts, Inc. Organization for considering me for this special award! It really means a lot and I thank you for all of your support!
Also, I had a blast leading the house band for all of these incredible international artists at the festival... InBlauK #1 Country Artist from Spain, LOVEFLOWERS #1 Country Artist from Sweden, Britta T. - Fanclub Schweiz # 1 Country Artist from Switzerland, and Karen Lee Batten #1 Country Artist from Canada! Thank you very much to all of these artists! It was an honor and a pleasure working with each and every one of you! I am also proud of the all star house band members I arranged for this festival, Travis Hull, Greg Simmons, Curtis Lane, and Phil Rumbley! Your amazing musicianship heightened and totally enhanced this festival to another level! It was truly magnificent! THANK YOU!!!
Thank you so much everyone at Jefferson, TX and many thanks again to Preston Taylor for this wonderful opportunity!!!

- Rafael Espinoza 

Photo Credit: Greg Simmons

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