Last Texas Best Smokehouse Show - Wrap Up

We are so thankful and blessed to have had this Artist Residency at Texas Best Smokehouse in Tyler, TX! Now it's time to start a new chapter and we are looking forward to what the future brings!
Also there seemed to have been some confusion about this show with people wondering if this was my last show EVER and if I was ending my musical career on this night, and that is completely a ridonkulous bogus misunderstanding. Lol! This was just simply our last show at this specific location because we had been performing there every Friday night since I came home from Berklee College of Music in Boston last August. So just to be clear... I am not going into retirement. I am way too young for that word. Hahaha! I will not become the retired Garth Brooks and release a huge box set of material every few years or have multiple Farewell Tours like The Eagles or Cher. HA! This was not "The Last Waltz".
There will always be Rafael Espinoza Concerts as long as I am alive! PRAISE GOD!!!!!
Thank you so much to Texas Best Smokehouse and to all who came out to celebrate with us as we closed out our Final Artist Residency Show at Texas Best Smokehouse!

- Rafael Espinoza

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