Emmylou Espinoza & Rafael Espinoza Awarded "THE PRODUCER'S CHOICE AWARD / Preston Taylor Music Award" at Texas Sounds International Country Music Awards Festival 2015!!!

We are very honored to receive this award at The Texas Sounds International Country Music Awards Festival in Jefferson, TX!!! We think that it is even a bigger honor to have been presented with this award from Preston Taylor himself as "The Producer's Choice!"
Preston is the leading producer of this Festival and we are glad we could help him with our job of producing the music for each International Artist!
Thank you so much to Preston, and The East Texas Performing Arts, Inc.Organization for considering us for this special award! It really means a lot and we thank you for all of your support!
We really enjoyed assisting all of these incredible international artists at the festival who by the way all happen to be the #1 Artists from their region... Doug Briney of Nashville TN, Billy Grima Singer/Songwriter of Canada, Heidi Gabrielle and " Mr Fox" Gino of Belgium, Country Strike of Croatia, LOVEFLOWERS of Sweden, Alejandro Carbayo of Spain, Natasja Lee Dickinson - Official Site of Denmark, Craig Adams of New Zealand, Lane Rodgers of Arkansas USA, Sarah Lucy Dole of London UK, and Jillian Kohrof Nashville TN! 
Thank you very much to all of these artists! It was an honor and a pleasure working with each and every one of you! We are also proud of the All Star house band members we arranged for this festival, Curtis Lane and Greg Simmons! Your amazing musicianship heightened and totally enhanced this festival to another level! It wouldn't have been as fun without you! It was truly magnificent! THANK YOU!!!
Thank you so much everyone at Jefferson, TX and many thanks again to Preston Taylor for this wonderful opportunity!!!
- Emmylou & Rafael Espinoza

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